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A Rugby Sunday in Enfield

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On Sunday, June 26th, the Charlottetown Mudmen RFC stopped in Enfield for the second game of a weekend swing through Nova Scotia. Enfield RFC came into the game confident, winners of their first two Division 3 games. This game was a chance to show their stuff against the hardware contenders from PEI.

The Mudmen set the tone early, with quick passes through their backs. Enfield’s defense looked hesitant, unsure of defensive responsibilities. This allowed PEI’s outside center to break through and score in the corner not long after the opening kick.

Enfield answered with great runs by Chuck “Charles” Chuck and Sam “Alfred” MacDonell. Enfield pinned the Mudmen against their try-line for several minutes, including a 22-dropout block. Then PEI exposed Enfield’s defense again, scoring from their own side through deft footwork.

PEI maintained the pressure after the kickoff. Enfield forwards Connor MacIntosh, Jason “Mr.Div1” Purcell, Brandon “BMoney” Horne, Mikey McNamara and Justin Dunn ran several crash plays, rucking with ferocity. But some unfortunate penalties and knock-ons gave Charlottetown possession on Enfield’s side. PEI’s fly-half ran several dummy lines off a scrum and scored uncontested, much to the dismay of the Jack Heald. The Mudmen converted the try to lead 17-0 at the first water break.

“Somebody hit somebody,” said Coach Joel Doyle, fresh stress-freckles appearing on his cheeks.

Both teams settled into crash-and-bang rugby after the break. After runs and huge tackles made by both sides, Tyler “Champ” LeBlanc bounced off three Mudmen defenders to score a try. Matt Taylor, still distraught about the Brexit vote, missed the convert.

PEI found space after the restart and pushed Enfield back to its try-line. The referee called a penalty on Enfield in a mountainous ruck, drawing the ire of the local crowd in the bleachers at the Lion’s Den. A PEI flanker crashed in for a try after the restart.

Then Alex “Barrel” Malay showed why he is on the U23 Provincial Team, scoring two highlight-reel tries in a row. Potato-colored players littered the field in his wake after both efforts. Matt Taylor, unable to get over that a rugby ball looks like Boris Johnson’s head, ceded kicking responsibilities to Cam “Insert Nickname Here” Farnell. Cam converted the second try to make the score 22-17 at half.

Veterans Ryan Dickie and Justin Dunn gave defense tips at half, while Coach Joel Doyle hit Derrek “Beakman” Head with his Clipboard. Beakman promised to be more like Alex Malay.

The scoring disappeared after the break for both teams. The baking heat sapped all energy, and everyone looked tired. Frustrations mounted and the referee handed out three yellow cards in the first fifteen minutes after half. PEI’s scrum-half broke the deadlock by finishing a series of nice passes to score in the corner.

With fresh legs after his referee-imposed rest, Justin “Justice” Dunn took a pass from Alex Malay to score near the end of the game. With the final whistle, the scoreboard showed 39-22, for Charlottetown Mudmen RFC.

The Men of the Match honours went to Justin Dunn for Enfield RFC, and to PEI’s fly-half.


Ever the metronome, Daniela Mayo knocks over another shot at goal

In the second game of a Sunday fun day double-header at the Lion’s Den, Enfield RFC’s women’s team played the Under-18 Provincial team.

SaraLynne Knockwood started the game with a huge run for Enfield, brought down just before the try-line by the speedy U18 backs. Those same backs turned the pressure around and pushed Enfield into their end to defend. The U18s found the try-zone first, scoring off a scrum near Enfield’s uprights.

Enfield RFC’s Adrienne “Look where we are ladies” MacDonald went for a run after the restart, breaking through several tackles to score a try. Daniella Mayo made the convert to make the score 7-7.

Then Enfield dominated play as the U18s struggled to make tackles on veteran players. Enfield RFC’s Tasha Mckenzie and Becca MacDonnell each scored tries after hard work by players such as Emma Julien, Ashley K. Ettinger, and Megan Sullivan.

The U18s found their speed again after some lapses, and put pressure on Enfield. They put together a great series of passes to score a try before half, bringing the score to 17-14.

When asked what he though of their performance so far, Enfield RFC Women’s Coach, Drew “Heman” Hutt, added: “Put a picture of me giving the thumbs-up.”

After Becca MacDonnell made a brilliant try-line tackle, the U18s kept their intensity up and scored another try to take the lead. The Lion’s Den bleachers, filled with parents of the U18 girls, cheered their daughters’ performance.

The U18s lapsed on defense shortly after, and Enfield RFC regained its lead. Amy Fraser, Tasha Mckenzie and Emma Julian each scored tries, making the score 39-19.

Just when they looked exhausted from the scorching sun, the U18s found their reserve energy. They pinned Enfield against their try-line for long minutes, touching the ball down for another try after hard work from their forwards.

A few minutes later, Enfield found space to run again. Courtney Ettinger, coming out of retirement for the game, helped set-up Megan Sullivan for a try. Then Ashley K Ettinger offloaded to Amy Fraser for another try. Daniela Mayo made both converts.

With the U18s set to play in the Eastern Canadian Championships in New Brunswick from July 12th - 16th, the girls worked hard to impress Coach Mary Giles and secure playing spots. The girls showed determination at the end of the game, scoring another try. The final score was 52-31 for Enfield RFC.


Enfield Division III Men Defeat Riverlake

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After a tough win against Pictou County RFC, Enfield RFC rolled into Bud Bremner Park in Bedford to take on Riverlake RFC for their second game of Division 3 action. These teams met earlier in the Spring for a friendly to decide the fishing and mining rights for Grand Lake, which Enfield RFC has since traded to Sidney Crosby for admission to his Stanley Cup party. (trade pending)

The first minutes of the game were tense, with pressure coming from Enfield RFC. Alex “Melee” Malay found holes in Riverlake’s defense to go on a long run, allowing Enfield’s forwards to make tight crashes to get close to the try line. Cam Farnell finished with a try under several defenders. Matt Taylor converted the try with an arching kick into the wind.

Riverlake came back with determination, encouraged by their veteran players. Nova Scotia Senior Men’s Provincial Team Coach, Jack Hanratty, playing scrum-half for Riverlake, used the box-kick to keep Enfield deep in their own zone. After Enfield took penalties for ruck infractions, Riverlake converted a penalty kick for three points.

Alex Malay took the game into his own hands again after the restart, taking a pass from Mikey MacNamara and breaking through several jersey-clinging tackles. With two defenders draped over him, Malay fell into the try zone for another five points. Matt Taylor missed the convert and blamed the kicking tee as any self-respecting kicker would.

Matt Taylor redeemed himself a few phases later, finding the corner on a bullet of a penalty kick. The forwards maintained possession in the line-out, and Alex Malay delivered an offload for Jordan Sheppard to smash down with an emphatic overhand dunk. Jordan’s uncle, Matt Taylor, kicked the convert for a familial effort, bringing the score to 19-3.

Then Enfield felt the pressure. For over ten minutes, through uncountable phases, Riverlake held sustained attacks on Enfield’s defense. Players like Brandon Horne, Jason Purcell, Kyle Kelly, and Connor MacIntosh put their shoulders on the line to keep the relentless attack at bay. But Riverlake persisted and were rewarded with a try in the corner under a mound of bodies.

With ominous clouds bringing a premature dusk, Enfield’s Matt Taylor made a penalty kick to notch another three points just before half-time. The mood was jovial around the bench, with Coach Joel Doyle adding: “Be better.”

Riverlake’s second half began with a flourish of skill from Jack Hanratty, who took a quick penalty restart near Enfield’s try-line and dove between confused defenders for a try. Jack made his own convert, completing the “Stew Cook Special,” which I just made up.

The play went back and forth for a while after Jack Hanratty’s homage to Stew. The wingers and fullbacks from both sides displayed their soccer and wide receiver skills as both teams took turns making kicks over the heads of bewildered forwards. After John Quincy Beakman (AKA Derek Head) decided that the wingers had done more than they typically do in a full season, the forwards resumed their crashes. Justin Dunn took a pass near Riverlake’s try zone and offloaded to Conner Mackintosh, who slid between the uprights for a try. Matt Taylor kicked the convert to make the score 29-15.

Despite Riverlake’s daunting options for substitutions mulling near the sideline, it was Enfield’s Ryan Dickie who made the largest impact, sending a clap into the air when he intercepted a Riverlake center cutting inside. Enfield’s bench area groaned its approval as they massaged their own ribs.

Riverlake put pressure on Enfield by way of a high kick, but Jordan Taylor returned a kick of his own. Jordan retrieved the kick and unleashed Justin Dunn for a try to the left of the uprights. Matt Taylor kicked the convert whilst humming, “God Save the Queen.”  Inspired by the his own love for the monarchy, Jordan Taylor scored his second try of the game a short time later, putting another five points up for Enfield.

Luke Horne, playing thanks to the fresh patronage of Club President Mark “Sweeney” Sweeney, came into the game as an impact substitution and made four consecutive tackles, rucking his own hits. Coach Joel Doyle said, “That was awesome.” Enfield then gave up a penalty to Riverlake, but Brandon Horne stuffed Jack Hanratty’s 22-dropout. In the tattooed mayhem that followed, Riverlake conceded a penalty to Enfield. Matt Taylor kicked for Enfield’s final three points.

The rains opened up for a few minutes, sending spectators fleeing for the vehicles in the Bud Bremner parking lot. As the downpour abated, Riverlake completed a series of phases to score a try. When the referee blew his whistle, the final score tallied 44-22, for Enfield. Matt Taylor received Man-of-the-Match for Enfield, while Riverlake’s Duncan MacGreggor took the honors.

Enfield RFC’s Division 3 side continues its season on Sunday, June 26th, 1:00PM, at the Lion’s Den in Enfield. Come and join!


Successful Sweetheart Sevens!

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The Enfield Rugby Football Club would like to thank all of the participating teams and the main sponsors of the event – Curly Portables, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the East Hants Sportsplex – for making the first Enfield RFC Sweetheart Sevens such a success.

Saturday, 13 February was a full day of high-quality rugby at the Dome in Lantz, with three fields running some excellent men’s and women’s games, featuring club and university sides from around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  The tournament organizers did a wonderful job putting the pieces in place for an outstanding tourney and keeping the show on schedule throughout the day, which featured 40+ high intensity matches and a skills competition that was enjoyed by all.

Scotty Marrison in action for the Enfield RFC during the Sweetheart Sevens


The men’s bracket featured some stellar performances by the Saint John Trojans and Halifax Rugby Club, but the winner on the day was the Halifax Tars who combined the right balance of patience and pace to put one over on the Fredericton Loyalists who took the long, grueling road to the finals.  On the women’s side, the crowd was delighted with spirited showings from the Saint John Irish and Nova Scotia U-18s who both put on a display of fleet-footed rugby, but it was the A-Team from Antigonish who showed a great ability to clog the middle of the field and create space on the flanks which put them over the Enfield RFC 2 entry to take home the women’s title.


2016 Sweetheart Sevens Men's Champions Halifax Tars and the Women's Champions "A-Team"


A wonderful day culminated with the after-party at Curly Portables, which as always proved to be an absolute delight.  Another big thank-you to all club members and friends who pitched in with the planning of the tournament and the execution on the day.  There was no shortage of hands-raised to help out with touch judging, merchandise sales, and any of the odds and ends that needed done.  The club was very pleased with the event and if it was any sign of things to come, the 10-year anniversary of the Enfield RFC in 2016 and the next installment of the Sweetheart Sevens for 2017 should be something special.

Some of the Enfield RFC women's players at the end of a great day of rugby

Sweetheart 7s

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We at Enfield RFC will be hosting our inaugural 'Sweetheart 7s' indoor sevens tournament the weekend of February 13th and 14th 2016. Depending on registration numbers, the tournament may be held in its entirety on Saturday, February 13th. The tournament will be held in the largest sports dome in Atlantic Canada, located outside Halifax, Nova Scotia.



Devon Rose off to U18 Canada Camp

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Enfield RFC's Devon Rose has been named by the Rugby Canada U18 coaching staff as a part of a 52-player roster to attend training camp in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia in October.  The club would like to congratulate Rosie on the invite and wish him the best of luck at camp.

Rosie and Badger representing the Atlantic Rock at the U19 CRC


Canada’s 52-man camp list (Name, position, hometown):

Conrad Luthe, (prop) Vaudreuil, QB
Jeremy Fleet, (prop) Dollard des Ormeaux, QB
Cole Keith (prop) Sussex, NB
Liam Murray (prop) Langley, BC
Branden Mangold (prop) Calgary, AB
Alex McAra (prop)
Caleb Belo (prop)
Riley Savard (prop) Stoufville, ON
Dewald Kotze (hooker) Port Alberni, BC
James O'Neil (hooker)
Steven NG (hooker) Ottawa, ON
Carson Dunbar (hooker) New Glasgow, NS
Tom Davidson (lock) Gatineau, QB
Jordan Montgomery (lock) Kensington, PEI
Damon Adams (lock)
Callum Botcher (lock) Vancouver, BC
Matt Van Camp (lock) Blackstock, ON
Kolby Francis (lock) Brantford, ON
Cody Hawkes (back row)
Rakim Brooks (back row) Ottawa
Liam Doll (back row) North Vancouver, BC
Jake Thiel (back row) Abbotsford, BC
Mathew Fish (back row) Waterloo, ON
Devan Deguera (back row) Holland Landing, ON
Mike Smith (back row) Surrey, BC
Nick Delallo (back row) Ottawa, ON
Jamie  Mcnaughton (back row) Carlton Place, ON
Kiernan Collie (back row) Montreal, QB
Sebastien Iaricci (scrum-half) Laval, QB
Logan Smith (scrum-half) Surrey, BC
Mathew Ye (scrum-half) Unionville, ON
Rob Freckleton (scrum-half)
Brody Viancourt (fly-half) Huntingdon, QB
Miller Thind (fly-half) Pitt Meadows, BC
Josh Thiel (fly-half) Abbotsford, BC
Ethan Hager (midfield) Toronto, ON
John Jubenville (midfield) Surrey, BC
Andrew Steele (midfield) Oromocto, NB
Emerson Padley (midfield)
Mitch Cameron (midfield) West Vancouver, BC
Darian Morrison (midfield)
Myles Donoghue (midfield) Ottawa, ON
Connor O'Neil (midfield)
Elias Ergas (outside backs) Vancouver, BC
Isaac Trask (outside backs)
James Dugiud (outside backs) Fredericton, NB
Devon Rose (outside backs) East Hants, NS
Mostyn Finlay (outside backs) Regina, SK
Roy Walters (outside backs) Toronto, ON
Parker Leclaire (outside backs) Bedeque, PEI
Cole Davis (outside backs)
Noah Bain (outside backs) Abbotsford, BC

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